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We assist you in the creation of your IBC (International Business Company) in Seychelles.


Under the International Business Companies Act, any individual, corporation, or business can establish an International Business Company (IBC) in the Seychelles.

The IBC benefits include flexibility in terms of corporate structure and zero share capital requirement.

In addition, a Seychelles IBC is a tax-free company that may be used for all types of international commerce.


A Trust is a legal relationship through which the owner of certain assets (Settlor) transfers ownership of those assets to an independent third party (Trustee) and the Trustee, in turn, is legally bound to hold and manage those assets for the benefit of another person or group of persons (Beneficiaries) in accordance with the terms of a document agreed between the Settlor and the Trustee (Trust Deed).

A Trust provides a legal method for a person to not have direct legal ownership of assets while still retaining some influence over the way the assets are enjoyed and distributed.


Yes, our team is here to assist you in this step. We can support you in opening ‘OFFSHORE’ bank accounts for your company in Seychelles or the United Arab Emirates. We can also assist you in opening a personal ‘OFFSHORE’ bank account.

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Your turnkey company in Dubai Free Zone! We take care of everything! License, establishment card, visa(s), and bank account!

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Your turnkey mainland company in Dubai! We take care of everything! Initial approval, license, establishment card, visa(s), and bank account!

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Your turnkey IBC (International Business Company) or Trust in Seychelles!

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Un service de qualité avec une réactivité excellente
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Travail très professionnel et efficace, je recommande Gvt Consulting pour son travail et son suivie, tout s’est bien passé, ce sont des experts dans l’accompagnement et l’ouverture de sociétés, Merci encore.


Personne réactive et compétente tout s’est bien passé et bien expliqué je recommande vivement


Un partenaire efficace et sérieux pour vous aider dans toutes vos démarches administratives et vous permettre de voir votre avenir professionnel sous un autre angle


Je suis très satisfait de notre collaboration, je vous recommande fortement GVT Consulting.
Les démarches sont plus compliquées qu’il n’y parait mais Thomas m’as facilité dans tout.
Thomas a été, au-delà du professionnalisme parfait, très amical et facilitateur. J’espère qu’on va continuer à collaborer ensemble.
Merci pour ton boulot !

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